Philip Gouda

Philip Gouda is the initiator of this minimalised blog about Precious metals, Forex, Crypto, S&P and Brent crude. Precious Metals and Crypto are key asset classes to follow closely for EYE4GOLD. Philip is Dutch, hence the adopted knickname ‘Gouda’. Philip started life in Rotterdam, played football, cricket and later got hooked on yacht racing. Higher educated in practical business economics, Philip spent a few of the very early years in the accountancy trade (1973-1974), after which his career switched to treasury in Banking (1975-1978), followed by a 14 year stint in corporate treasury in the Netherlands and London.
Those were interesting years with massive inflation of computer hard and software allowing for much faster market analysis based on sometimes timeconsuming manual data input. This early 80’s spring in IT brought subsequent arrival and further development of financial derivative products. Products that were often initiated by the likes of London Business School. Philip had the pleasure of being an early and active participant in this highly creative process.

The early seventies in corporate banking included extensive training in all aspects of international treasury; foreign exchange spot dealing and arbitrage and foreign exchange interest rate dealing and arbitrage as well as physical precious metals trading. The late seventies and early eighties included a desire for good understanding of technical trading methods and how markets are driven by mass psychology. The cities of London, New York, Chicago and Zurich and people like R.N Elliott and Welles Wilder have been instrumental for remaining an active technical analysis student.

In the early 90’s to early 2000’s Philip was involved in financial consultancy and as hobby time to race his own and other sailing boats in several parts of the world. The past 20 years Philip also developed an expertise as web developer and played an administrative and managerial, compliance driven service role in physical precious metals.

Personal experience with so many different kinds of dramatic and well publicised financial market events between 1974 and today has remained a key driver for strong focus on what is going on in this world. Since 2008/9 government and central bank policies have been unprecedented making our financial and social world a rather interesting challenge. Philip believes that ultimately ‘Nature’ dictates rule of (financial) law.