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– Will stock indices double again?

But double against what? This is 2018. No one knows how these markets will behave and what may cause a major reversal in the near or more distant future. We suspect that the meteoric rise of certain financial assets have a more or less linear relationship with quantitative easing. Until real concerns start touching ‘the world’s reserve currency’ it may already be too late to react. This is why in today’s politically and financially uncertain world an attitude of ‘I win you loose’ can be extremely harmful. Investors are best positioned by accepting a potential opportunity loss and even a sizeable real loss which can be the greater part of their wealth, making sure the asset allocation will preserve at least a continuation of their minimum standard of living.

Will crypto become a household asset over time?

We continue to follow this market out of sheer interest. Crypto clearly found serious interest having created real wealth for some and tears for many.
In this section we cover just 3 popular markets, BTC, S&P500 and until June 2020 also Brent Crude Oil.

The risk analysis we do can be done by anyone using any stand alone or a combination of the most commonly used technical tools calculating momentum of price. We tend to favor, RSI, Stochastic and MACD, whilst not necessarily in this order and we sometimes watch others to confirm each week’s risk profile.

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