Platinum Silver still on course to double from lows

25 February 2022 close: Platinum to Silver feels historically similar to Platinum vs Gold. That is, risk weight is neutral with most intervals in downtrends whilst prices remain static. That is usually a signal for risk to start moving higher for Platinum based on a change of trend in favor of Platinum. Even though Platinum has yet to return to its historic levels vis a vis gold and silver the picture still looks more in favor of that happening, not the reverse. No Change whilst the situation in Western Europe looks grim and anything can happen. Metals remain our primary insurance against monetary implosion.

21 January 2022 close: Since our last update we have seen Silver perform fairly well and also Platinum settled above $1000 again with Pt gaining 5% and Silver 4% thuis a net 1% gain for the Pt/AGr atio. Interesting is how Weekly and Monthly risk weight have come down quite substantially with meaning price change. Even though Silver appears to have taken a bit of a lead in the precious metals space, Platinum has done as well supported by an even stronger rally in Palladium. Risk weight in all time intervals including and especially Quarterly support our long term outlook where Platinum will outperform Silver towards that 50 year average level of 73.

31 December 2021 close: Platinum has consolidated against Silver around the 42 handle for 6 weeks where on balance risk weight time intervals are falling (weaker Platinum) to create plenty more upside for Pt in coming months. We see no reason to worry about the larger Platinum position and still expect a medium term stronger move in favor of Platinum.

Platinum/Silver Ratio Charts

PLATINUM/SILVER Ratio risk position
relative to Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily risk weight intervals

(Previous update in brackets)

Gold Platinum ratio Monthly Weekly Daily
43.71 (42.48)
Trend ↓ (↓) ↓ (↓) ↓ (↑)
% Risk
45 (38) 44 (31) 27 (34)
Total PM
Portfolio allocation 40% (40%)
Au:12% Ag:14% Pt:14%

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